St Amand’s “chain” shows how their support helps children like Svondo.

Pupils from St Amands forming a chain of support.

Pupils from St Amand’s forming a chain of support.

Hello to St Amand’s Primary school East Hendred and many thanks for welcoming our CAFOD school visitor Kath Oldham to your school yesterday. We hope you enjoyed our Lent fast day assembly about Marian and her sons Twanda and Svondo and we look forward to hearing about how you are going to “Give it Up” this Lent.

Kath started the assembly by asking the pupils about their favorite games and to imagine how it would feel if they were unable to play them. She explained that malnutrition around the world can stop children from being able to play because not having enough food to eat stops a child from having the energy to play.

Svondo aged 7 from Zimbabwe

Svondo aged 7 from Zimbabwe

She then introduced Svondo who is seven years old and lives in Zimbabwe. His older brother Tawanda suffered from malnutrition when he was Svondo’s age because their mother Marian did not have enough food to feed him. But a few years ago Marian was given a plot in a community vegetable garden by one of CAFOD’s partners.  She was also given training, tools and seeds and now she grows a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots and spinach so that Svondo has a healthy diet. She even grows peanuts and makes peanut butter which Svondo loves!

Marian's Family

Marian’s Family

Next Kath told the children that this Lent CAFOD wants to help other mothers like Marian grow enough food to feed their children . So we are asking everyone to get involved in the “Give it Up”  challenge. Could you give up sweets or biscuits and donate  the money saved to help a family. For example £1 buys seeds for a family to grow beans and £10 means a family has enough seeds to grow vegetables for a year.  Also this Lent you can make double the difference as for every pound you donate the UK government with contribute a pound up to £5 million.

Many thanks to the pupils, staff and parents at St Amand’s for your support and thank you to Kath Oldham for visiting the school.

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