Campaigning Works – Thank You So Much

Gathering outside Sainsbury's in Maidenhead.

Gathering outside Sainsbury’s in Maidenhead.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all those who have participated in our campaigns this year. You have made a real difference and changed lives. I am looking for a  Campaign Volunteer Coordinator who will help me the organisation of the 2018 campaigns. If you are interested please get in touch to have a chat about the role on 01252 329385 or email 

Here are the successes of 2017 

  1. Saving the homes of the Maua community in Brazil

    Volunteer Team at Kintbury

    Volunteer Team at Kintbury

2. Asking Sainsburys not to ditch Fairtrade- many of you signed letters and protested outside Sainsburys stores . However Sainsburys have not changed their position yet .

3. Increase number of parishes achieving the livesimply award including Our Lady & St Edmund Abingdon.

Creation walk

Creation walk

4. Power to Be Campaign – over 27,000 people signed cards to Melanie Robinson at the World Bank.

Young Leaders at Blessed Hugh Faringdon

Young Leaders at Blessed Hugh Faringdon

5. Saving UK aid  – ensuring 0.7% of GDP is spent on overseas aid.

6. Step forward in cutting carbon with the government’s new clean growth strategy .

7. Living out Laudato Si’ – Young CAFOD volunteers shared their passion for Laudato Si’ at a global youth conference .

Eleanor- young CAFOD volunteer

Eleanor- young CAFOD volunteer

Find out about the Share the Journey campaign for 2018 here

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