Fun, Food and Friendship at Portsmouth Cathedral

Good Neighbour Poster

Good Neighbour Poster


Many thanks to Maureen Thompson who organised a family celebration for One World Week and sent us this report about the day.

Fun, Food and Friendship

Is this a recipe for Good Neighbours?  We think so!  So that’s what was organised for our Family Celebration as part of this week’s activities for One World week.  

One world week is a week of action supported by CAFOD and in Portsmouth area Maureen Thompson a CAFOD volunteer gets involved with volunteers from other charities and groups across the community  to raise awareness of global justice issues while building community locally  This year focusing on the idea that “my world depends on me” and that we can all work together to be good neighbours.    

So, on Wednesday during half term a group of volunteers from local charities and groups got together for our event in the Discovery Centre, St John’s Cathedral . Everyone was invited, and we were really pleased that people from all different parts of the world, who have now made their home in Portsmouth, came along and enjoyed the fun and food and we hope built friendships.  

Jo from Hope Not hate encouraged people to get knitting, quite quickly there were a small group of ladies focused on needles and wool chatting round a table.  Children did craft activities with volunteers from Cosham Baptists, Amy represented Caritas and introduced people to Chinese writing, Portsmouth Fairtrade group was led by Emma with Traidcraft goodies to sell and a tantalising chocolate tasting game. A small group helped in the Kitchen and then when all was prepared  a lady from Bangladesh came out and dressed us up in sari’s – very glamorous!  

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 We also had safety messages and badge making from the Fire Service, the local Peace group challenging us to think how to stop war and Anna from One Day Without Us was also very popular with children, getting them all together over temporary tattoos.    CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam and Global Justice Now were also represented giving the whole event a global feel – the highlight though was the lovely food – curries, samosas plus plenty of traditional English fare macaroni cheese, sausage rolls and healthy salad.

Dressing up

We were able to put this event on for free with the generous support of Kickstart through Breeze Radio. We would also like to thank Tesco’s for supplying cupcakes to decorate and the encouragement of Action Portsmouth, the use for the Discovery Centre, from St John’s Cathedral  and of course the time given by all  lovely volunteers

 Special thanks to our guest Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Lee Mason, who took a lively interest in everyone’s contribution and also spent half an hour in the kitchen washing up!   

Dressing up

Dressing Up

 As part of One World Week Maureen also attended an evening on global food  for CAFOD at Portsmouth university  and the wonderful international supper  at Sacred Heart Waterlooville with dressing up and singing from the Church and local African choirs.



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