Update on Lynda Down Under

Lynda with Alison

Lynda with Alison

Alison Humphreys, one of our school volunteers is currently holidaying in Australia and look who she bumped in to! Alison told us that she was not able to get to Lynda’s farewell lunch but was determined to meet up with her while she was in Brisbane visiting relatives. Lynda is working for Caritas Brisbane to develop parish volunteers across the diocese. What a task! Please remember her in your prayers.

Message from Lynda…

“Hello Portsmouth family!!!!  Now – this is what you all have to do – COME VISIT your old friend at Caritas Brisbane. It’s a must and you have to do it! It’s the law!  Alison’s started the exodus and here we are by the river in 30 degrees heat!  So brilliant to see her and catch up on all the CAFOD news!  Missing you all terribly. So if you are ever in this part of the world – come see me!”  Lynda xxxx


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