Brightening Up at the Harvest Assembly at St Joseph’s College Reading

Harvest Assembly at St Joseph's College

Harvest Assembly at St Joseph’s College

Hello to everyone at St Joseph College and thank you for welcoming Linda Heneghan, our CAFOD school volunteer to your school. We hope you enjoyed the Harvest fast day assembly which showed how Diego’s and Jacqueline’s lives have changed since 2015, and the difference that the donations to CAFOD has made in their country El Salvador.

Linda started the assembly thinking about seeds and asked the children if they had ever planted a seed and what seeds need to help them grow. Then she showed the children photos of Diego and Jacqueline from El Salvador who were featured in the 2015 Harvest assembly and also the KS2 Geography pack and discussed how they had grown.

Harvest Assembly

Harvest Assembly


When Jacqueline was little her family barely had enough to get by but now they have learnt how to grow more than 40 different crops so they have enough food to eat. Diego enjoys the safe spaces that CAFOD’s partner has set up for the children to play in away from gangs, and he loves playing the drums in the local band.

Although things are improving one in ten people in the world still live in extreme poverty which means that families do not have enough food and the children miss out on school.

Linda then went on to lead workshops in the classes about CAFOD’s work and the children created some amazing CAFOD posters .

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Many thanks to Linda for delivering the assembly and the workshops, and a HUGE thank you to the children, staff and parents at St Joseph College for your support of CAFOD.

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