Fishy Fun Fundraising at St Thomas of Canterbury Primary

Display in reception class.

Display in reception class.

Many thanks to the Reception class at St Thomas of Canterbury Primary in Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight for fundraising for our Lenten appeal. 

Mrs McCraith the class teacher said,

“The children were very enthused by the story of Florence and her fish farm which we were so fortunate to have introduced to us by Rosemary Peacock our CAFOD Education Volunteer.

“Each child took great care to create their own fish. We then shared the message of Lent as being a time to help. We developed this idea with our families at home by undertaking additional acts of help and kindness e.g. Getting our school uniform on independently or helping put the shopping away.

“Our families then showed their appreciation by supporting our CAFOD collection. With just 16 of us in the class we were thrilled with the total of £25.79 we raised. We had hoped to be able to buy a few fish for a family like Florence’s but in the end managed to raise enough to develop a pond.

“There was so much excitement at this news. Thank you CAFOD for making Lent so meaningful to us all.”

Display in the reception class at St Thomas of Canterbury

Display in the reception class at St Thomas of Canterbury

Many thanks to Mrs McCraith, the class teacher, for encouraging the children to fundraise and to their parents and families for supporting them.  Special thanks too to Rosemary Peacock one of our fantastic school volunteers for inspiring the children.

Find out more about Florence’s fish farm and Bob the fish in our short film below:

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