St Paul’s Primary, Paulsgrove gone fishing ……

St Paul's enjoying fishing

St Paul’s enjoying fishing

Hello to everyone at St Paul’s Primary Paulsgrove and many thanks for welcoming our school volunteers Patrick and Isobel to your school. We hope you enjoyed the assembly about Lent fast day which explained how one small fish turned into something amazing for Florence from Zambia.

Patrick and Isobel told us about their morning with you “St Paul’s had set up their assembly altar with their special six-candle candelabrum for Lent. We were delighted to be sharing the assembly on which the first candle was lit. We lit ours alongside and offered our assembly in prayer to God. The children all knew what the letters of CAFOD stood for and we were delighted to inform them that Saturday 11 March, was CAFOD’s birthday. In 1960, four women wanted to help a mother and baby clinic in Dominica by holding the first ever Family Fast Day. Now, CAFOD helps people in over 40 countries. So, just like our fish this Lent, little grew into big! We introduced “Bob”, the little tilapia fish, and Florence who lives with her family in Zambia.

Bob the fish

Bob the fish

CAFOD has helped Florence and her community to create fish farms which have changed their lives. We had a number of volunteers who helped to stock our “bucket pond” and, later on, found out some of the ways in which the fish farming helped the community.

Florence and her fish pond

Florence and her fish pond


St Paul’s School has a “Creation Garden” which portrays the creation and recalls some key events and activities in the life of the school. It is a lovely, peaceful space where children can go for some quiet time. Classes use the garden too for some RE and contemplation lessons.   There are several panels on the garden wall and the School Council will decide on “mural designs” that will record their Lenten acts of prayer, fasting and giving. Two members of the School Council were invited to join our other volunteers in order to commit to the enhancement of the Creation Garden”.

Many thanks to Patrick and  Isobel for delivering the assembly and to all the pupil’s staff and parents at St Paul’s for your support of CAFOD.

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