All dressed up to fish at Corpus Christi Primary, Portsmouth

Corpus Christi pupils all dressed and ready to fish!

Corpus Christi pupils all dressed up and ready to fish!

Wow! What a fantastic day you had  last Thursday Corpus Christi Primary in Portsmouth with dressing up for World Book day and a “fishy” assembly from our CAFOD school volunteers Patrick and Isobel. We hope you enjoyed the assembly and we look forward to hearing about your Lent fast day fundraising activities.

Patrick and Isobel told us all about their visit ” What better day to visit Corpus Christi School in North End, Portsmouth than on the Thursday after Ash Wednesday which was also, World Book Day! The whole school was ablaze with colour from several hundred imaginative costumes of characters from the favourite books of children and Staff.  We lit our candles and offered our assembly in prayer to God and then introduced the children to Florence who lives in Zambia. She could not feed her family because she was on her own and severe weather conditions often ruined her crops.

Florence and her fish pond

Florence and her fish pond

CAFOD’s Partner, Sr Yvonne, helped Florence and gave her training and the tools to to dig a pond. We met “Bob”, one of about 500 tiny Tilapia fish, that were bought to stock her pond. When they grow to their full size they transformed the lives of Florence and her family. Florence also shared her knowledge with her neighbours so that they could benefit from a better lifestyle too.

Bob the fish

Bob the fish

We asked for some volunteers to do some fishing from our “pond” and were delighted to see that the little fish had grown significantly. We looked at some of the benefits that the fish can bring to the family such as good health, education, co-operative community projects and enriched allotments for fresh vegetables.


Lent Fast Day on 10 March gives us a great opportunity to fast and give alms for the benefit of people like Florence and their families. There are many ways in which we can collect donations such as baking cakes or biscuits for sale at school or sharing a simple meal and donating the money saved. We displayed a cut-out of our large fish and suggested that we could sell “scales” to cover our fish or sell little fish to stock our mini pond. We know that Corpus Christi will have lots of really imaginative ideas because they are fabulous supporters of CAFOD. As always, we asked the children to pray for the communities, the families and the partners with whom CAFOD works because prayer is the most important gift that we can offer”.

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 Many thanks to Patrick and Isobel for delivering the assembly and to the pupils, staff and parents for all their support of CAFOD.


One thought on “All dressed up to fish at Corpus Christi Primary, Portsmouth

  1. Very well Done, All Children, Staff & Parents of Corpus Christi for a beautiful & caring Presentation of your CAFOD/ FISH. It is wonderful to be able to ‘follow’ all you do at C.C as our 2 girls attended there from 1983 to 1998 a truly amazing, caring & loving environment for ALL STAFF, CHILDREN, PARENTS & PARISHIONERS. God Bless you All Mr & Mrs Terry David W & Family
    Waterlooville xx

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