A Good Catch at St Mary’s Primary Gosport?

St Mary's pupils

St Mary’s pupils

Hello to everyone at St Mary’s Primary school Gosport and many thanks for welcoming our CAFOD school volunteers Patrick and Isobel to your school. We loved the photos of your fish display and look forward to hearing how you are going to raise money for Lent fast day which is today! We hope you enjoyed the assembly about how a little fish helped Florence from Zambia change her life and be able to send her children to school.

Patrick and Isobel told us “We began by lighting our candles alongside the school’s candle and offered our assembly in prayer to God. We spent a little time telling the children about the work of CAFOD and what the letters C A F O D stand for.The children were aware that Lent Fast Day is on Friday 10 March and that the focus is “Turn Little Fish into Big Fish.” We introduced them to “Bob”, a little tilapia fish, and his relationship with Florence and her community in Zambia. We got some volunteers to help us to stock our bucket-pond with some small, colourful fish.

Bob the fish

Bob the fish

A little later, the fish had grown, some more volunteers helped us to fish and to find out how the big fish helped to change the lives of the family and the community. Benefits included providing nourishing food for the family, education for the children and enriched soil to grow healthy crops.

Florence and her fish pond

Florence and her fish pond


We outlined some ideas that the children might consider such as sharing a meal on Friday or substituting water for fizzy drinks or perhaps not having crisps and donating the money saved to Fast Day.



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In addition to ideas for fasting and alms-giving the children have been asked to pray during Lent. They have been asked to write a message of hope, or a prayer, on a cut-out fish that will be put on the undersea display on Friday”.

Many thanks to Patrick and Isobel for delivering the assembly  and to all the pupils, staff and parents for your support of CAFOD this Lent fast day.


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