Fishy fun at St Amand’s Primary East Hendred

St Amand's Primary school

St Amand’s Primary school

Hello to everyone at St Amand’s Primary school, East Hendred and many thanks for welcoming our CAFOD school volunteer Kath to your school today. We hope you enjoyed the “fishy” assembly and good luck with your fundraising for Lent fast day which is on Friday.

Kath began the assembly by asking the children about their experience of farms and farming and how farmers care for their animals. She then told the children about Florence who lives in Zambia and how Bob has changed her life.

Bob the fish

Bob the fish

Florence wanted to do something which would allow her to earn money to support herself and her two children. So with the help of CAFOD’s partner she built a pond and filled it with small fish. When the fish had grown to full size she used nets to catch the fish and then sold them at the market. But the story doesn’t end there. Lots of great things happened because Florence shared her skills with her neighbours and now the money they get from selling the fish means that they can pay for their children to have an education and they have been able to set up a savings club to help anyone in need. Also when the ponds are drained, the mud which is full of good stuff from the fish droppings can be spread on the fields to help the crops grow. So this is how a small fish can help make a big difference to a family and their community in Zambia.

Florence and her fish pond

Florence and her fish pond

Kath then went on to share with the children some of the ways they can grow in their love for others this Lent by sharing, loving, acting and of course praying for everyone who CAFOD and its partners support.

Many thanks to Kath for delivering the assembly and to all the pupils, staff and parents at St Amand’s primary for your support of CAFOD.

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