Big fish at St Peter’s Primary Waterlooville

How big? St Peter's Primary

How big?

Hello to everyone at St Peter’s Primary, Waterlooville and many thanks for welcoming our school volunteers Patrick and Isobel to your school. We hope you enjoyed the assembly about Florence and her fish farm in Zambia and how a little fish became a BIG help to Florence and her family. Good luck with your ideas of ways to raise money for CAFOD this Lent and do let us know how you get on.

Patrick and Isobel really enjoyed visiting St Peters and they told us all about it.

“We were delighted to hear that everyone knew that CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. This enabled us to tell the children about a very special lady called Florence who lives in Zambia. Zambia is a beautiful country with lots of forests, rivers and vegetation.

Florence and her fish pond

Florence and her fish pond

CAFOD is supporting Florence and her community to be fish farmers by training families on how to dig a pond and how to care for the fish. This Project enables families to earn money by selling surplus fish which, in turn, enables the children to get an education.



Bob the fish

Bob the fish

We saw how “Bob” grew from a tiny fish into a great big fish and saw that the sediment from the pond was put to good use fertilising the land where nourishing crops could be grown. We had a number of volunteers who helped us with some fishing too.



We think that a few fish might have “got away” and were very suspicious when we asked how big they were and saw the children’s responses. We think that Mr Cunningham was definitely exaggerating!

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We know that St Peter’s will have lots of ideas on how they can help turn “Little Fish into Big Fish” this Lent Fast Day and throughout Lent. We said that we would be ‘selling scales’ that we could stick on a large outline of one of “Bob’s” relatives. Another idea was to give up biscuits during Lent or to substitute water for fizzy drinks and donate the money saved to CAFOD. Above all, we asked the children and teachers to pray for the work of CAFOD, the Communities with whom we work and the families that are supported.”

Many thanks to Patrick and Isobel for delivering the fantastically “fishy” assembly and to all the pupils, staff and parents at St Peter’s for their support of CAFOD.


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