Celebrating Parish Volunteers

Florence and her fish pond

Florence and her fish pond

Many thanks in advance to all our parish volunteers who will be speaking at mass on the 4th and 5th March about Lent fast day and how a tiny fish changed the life of Florence from Zambia. Giving the Lent fast day talk at Sunday mass ensures that all parishioners hear about the work that CAFOD does on their behalf and how their generous donations make a huge difference to communities around the world.  Our CAFOD parish volunteers are essential to our work and we would like to highlight this important role by celebrating the work of Jenny Lelean from St John the Baptist Andover.

Jenny Lelean

Jenny Lelean

Jenny Le Lean at  has been a dedicated volunteer since 2012. She always makes sure that the Lent and Harvest fast day talks are given at all masses  so that parishioners are aware of the CAFOD’s work and the difference their donations make. For the last three years, Jenny with her small team  of volunteers have organised soup lunches during Lent.  About 25-30 people attend each week, and there is lots of chatter with opportunities to explain what CAFOD might be doing in a particular project or after a specific event and a chance to try different types of delicious soups!

She also runs an occasional fairtrade stall, teaming up with a local supplier during the after mass tea and coffee. In her role as parish volunteer Jenny has enabled the parish to  support various campaigns by signing petitions, and writing to MP’s particularly on climate change and fairtrade issues. Last November a small group got together and used the CAFOD study guide about Laudato Si’ to discuss this important encyclical from Pope Francis.

Jenny told us “The Parish here is a great supporter of CAFOD and that makes my job easier! There is increased awareness of what CAFOD does and the people we help so now I get asked what CAFOD’s response is to emergencies across the world. CAFOD are great at getting information out to its parish volunteers so I always have what I need to respond. I’m really enjoying my role here, knowing that everything we do in our community can have such a positive impact on communities elsewhere.”  Many thanks to Jenny for all she does to enable her parish to support CAFOD’s work overseas.

Inspired by Jenny to volunteer for CAFOD?  Why not become a CAFOD parish volunteer in your parish. Please contact us at mailto:portsmouth@cafod.org.uk for more information.


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