Fantastic Fishing at St Thomas More’s Primary

St Thomas More Pupils

St Thomas More’s Pupils

Hello to everyone at St Thomas More’s Primary school Bedhampton and thank you so much for welcoming our education volunteers Patrick and Isobel to your school. We hope you enjoyed the assembly about turning “Little fish into Big fish” and we look forward to hearing about your fund-raising activities for the Lent fast day on Friday 10th March.

Patrick told us all about the assembly “Isobel asked the children if any had ever visited a farm or lived on a farm and it was really encouraging to see that many of the children had. There ware lots of suggestions about the different animals or birds that might be seen on a farm in this country. From the more popular cows, pigs, ducks and chickens to the less common  horses and donkeys and the more exotic peacock it was clear that all the children appreciated the variety of farming that is undertaken in the UK.

Bob the fish

Bob the fish

 We continued by introducing Florence and her different type of farming with her little pal “Bob”. Florence is a Fish Farmer in Zambia and CAFOD has helped her and her family by training her how to farm fish. CAFOD supplied her with the tools she needed to dig a pond and the little fish that were put into the pond.


Florence and her fish pond

Florence and her fish pond

When she had finished her training, Florence returned to her community and told all her neighbours how they could all help with the farm and “Turn Little Fish into Big Fish”. These little fish have changed Florence’s life because she has enough to feed her family and some left over which she can sell at the market to earn some money that enables her to send her children to school.


World Gifts Display

World Gifts Display

We asked the children to think about how they could help to support people like Florence in their communities during Lent. We thanked the children for their fabulous support with World Gifts and encouraged everyone to continue to support those who are hungry, as one of our Corporal Works of Mercy, and when we do this we do it in the name of Jesus. We considered the possibility of purchasing “scales” that could make a little fish and the more scales that are bought, the bigger the fish will get.  Just £4 could buy 100 little fish for a family pond or just £20 would enable CAFOD to provide the tools for a family to build a fish pond.

The Assembly was drawn to a close with a prayer and by referring to Pope Francis’ call for us to “Care for Our Common Home” with an assurance that we will be caring for our common home if we help families like Florence’s as we and CAFOD “Feed the Hungry” this Lent”.

Many thanks to Patrick and Isobel for delivering such a “fantastically fishy” assembly and to all the children, staff and parents at St Thomas More’s school for your support of CAFOD. Here is our Lent film for you to enjoy

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