Emsworth Show the Love

The children showing their green hearts.

The children showing their green hearts.

Many thanks to Maureen Thompson our CAFOD volunteer at St Thomas of Canterbury and St Thomas More Church Emsworth for organising a family breakfast at church after the 9am mass last Sunday 12th February. After the breakfast the children made green hearts to wear on Tuesday 14th February (today) to show their love for the world.

Maureen told us “We started by talking about having just and true hearts like St Valentine. He  was a priest in the time of the Roman Emperor Claudius about 285 AD. At that time there was a law that soldiers were not allowed to marry because it was thought that married men would not be so brave in battle as they would worry about their families if they died. Valentine believing this law to be unjust and to support young lovers married them anyway in secret and since then has been known as the patron saint of love. With our green valentines we are asked to extend that love to all living things and care for  the earth, so we decorated our green hearts with  flowers, penguins, butterflies zebras and runner beans. Talking about the message of Pope Francis in his 2015 letter “Care for Our Common Home”.  We discussed ways we might help the world and the children were keen to recycle by taking some of their toys and clothes to the Havant Passion play pop shop this week. – I suspect secretly they were also keen to buy a few recycled toys from the shop too. ”

Show the love

Show the love

 Many thanks to Maureen and to the children for their fantastic green hearts and I hope that you were able to wear them today and share the message about how we all need to care for our world.


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