Special Advent Service in Church Crookham

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Thank you so much to all our volunteers and supporters at Holy Trinity and Our Lady for holding a special Advent service in Church Crookham last Sunday.

Parishioners joined together to pray: Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! And reflect on how best they can prepare for the coming of the Lord.

As the community thought about this, they also held in their hearts all our brothers and sisters throughout the world, especially those who have been forced to flee their homes, those who are seeking a place of safety and welcome, and those who are in need.

After reflecting on the readings, parishioners were invited to answer the call of Pope Francis from Laudato Si’ and think about those small gestures of love, peace, friendship and generosity we can all undertake to try to build a better world.  For as it says in Matthew 5:11-16, we are called to be salt for the earth and light for the world. We are called to let our light shine through our actions.

They then used CAFOD’s Lampedusa cross cards to jot down one act of kindness and love that they could carry out during Advent.

Whilst writing these cards, they also watched a short film on CAFOD’s work in Lesbos (below).

Lastly, a collection was taken for CAFOD’s Refugee Crisis appeal and this raised £175. Thank you so much to Sara Oliver and Nadine West for letting us know about this and for sharing these photos too. And thank you to everyone who attended the service and gave so generously to the appeal.

Download CAFOD’s Advent service 2016: Maranatha


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