A special gift this Christmas


World Gifts bauble graphicThank you so much to all the young people in Chandler’s Ford who will be performing a modern day Nativity in support of CAFOD’s work throughout the world this Christmas. On Tuesday 20 December, at 7.30pm, St Edward the Confessor Church will be hosting a special performance of ‘The Gift: A Modern Nativity’ for one night only – so don’t miss it!The performance, arranged by local choir conductor and musical director Joanna Azavedo-Parker, hopes to empower the young people, who have written and organised the night, in aid of CAFOD’s World Gifts scheme.

The group hopes the performance will enable them to buy a special gift to help an overseas community during the festive period.

Musical director, Joanna said:

“I had the idea to do something with the young people of our parish who were confirmed this year having had the benefit of a vibrant and relatively youthful community in my younger years.

World Gifts Nativity 2016“After a couple of chats with a few of the young people and some who are yet to be confirmed, I decided to put on a show: The Nativity. The group of secondary school pupils, aged between 11-15, have written the script themselves and are arranging everything from costume to lighting.

“I encouraged the young people to do most of it themselves and with that in mind, one girl volunteered to be the Art & Design department and the rest make up the cast, sound, lighting, and prop people.

“I gave them a skeleton script (obviously, we know the story) and encouraged them to bring it into 2016 and relate to themselves as young people. There will be music and dancing and there will be some humour.”

Thank you very much Joanna and everyone in the play for all your hard work and dedication in bringing this about.   It sounds like it’ll be great fun too!

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