World Gifts Idea – Flushed with Success!

havant-cafod-toilet-gift-board-nov-2016-blog-versionThank you so much to Jim Graham from Havant for sending in this great photo and a brilliant idea to help everyone get behind World Gifts this Advent and mark World Toilet Day which is coming up very soon!

Jim told us,

“At a recent One World Week planning meeting, CAFOD’s ‘World Gifts Community Toilet’ was discussed, as World Toilet Day is coming up on the 19th November.

“This gift helps to build a latrine for a community. It’s the perfect way to stop the spread of deadly diseases like cholera and typhoid, keeping families and communities safe and well.

“I thought the price tag of £85 was beyond what most people were prepared to gift so I devised this sort of ‘crowd funding’ way to raise that amount.

“In just over a week the board has been filled three times over raising £225 for CAFOD. I displayed the board at a couple of One World Week events at Sacred Heart Waterlooville, St Michael’s and All Angels, Leigh Park, St Joseph’s, Havant, St Thomas of Canterbury & Thomas More, Emsworth and St John’s Cathedral, Portsmouth.

“The idea of raising money for toilets has amused many people and building up the picture adds a bit of fun to a serious issue. The eighty five tiles attach to the board with little bits of Velcro and can be used over and over again.

Jim’s given us his template too for you to download if you’d like to do the same. What a great idea!  Thank you Jim and thank you too to everyone who has supported this and raised such an impressive sum!

Even with a safe water supply, a lack of toilets can mean that communities are vulnerable to diseases like cholera.  A community toilet can be life-changing for the families that use it, keeping them and their children healthy so all you donors out there that have supported this project are life-changers! Thank you!

Check out all our fundraising ideas for World Gifts this Christmas.

Browse the full range of World Gifts on our website and don’t forget to pick up your brochure this Sunday at Mass. They will be available in all parishes.

Watch our short film of Lokwii’s project in Uganda to see these community toilets in action! This film was originally released in support of our Lent 2016 appeal earlier this year.




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