Youth Leadership Programme Launch

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Hello to everyone on our Youth Leadership Programme this year!  We have just over 70 students from 6 Sixth Forms across the diocese!

The very first training session, run by our Youth Leadership Coordinator Sarah Burrows, took place last week and it was great to see so many people there from Salesians College in Farnborough, St Anne’s in Southampton, Oaklands in Waterlooville, St Joseph’s College in Reading and Christ the King College in the Isle of Wight!

The programme consists of 3 training days throughout the year for Year 12 students and will focus on gaining transferable leadership skills whilst learning about, and being inspired by, CAFOD.  These skills will include communication, problem solving, team working, creativity, critical thinking, presenting, planning, decision making and inspiring others.

Students will be encouraged to gain a deeper understanding of CAFOD and its mission, vision and values and learn about our work with partners in developing countries.  Participants will also invited to take the lead by volunteering for CAFOD (i.e. raising awareness of our work, fundraising and campaigning) to make a difference in fighting poverty and injustice.

Our aim is to equip young people to be leaders for social justice in their local and global communities. They could therefore get involved with (for example) giving assemblies about our work, organising a campaign action card signing at school or leading a prayer session on social justice.

The programme will be invaluable to students preparing for work or further education and CAFOD will award a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the course.

For more information, please contact us here in the office on 01252 329385 or

Passionate about justice? Get inspiration and tools to help you take the lead in fighting for justice around the world.

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