St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Brightens Up for Harvest!

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Hello to everyone at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary in Aldershot who has just taken part is a whole school Brighten Up ‘Zumbathon’ session today to mark Harvest Fast Day!!!  Best Friday afternoon ever! Thank you all so much!

This Harvest, the children have been learning all about CAFOD’s work in Bolivia and heard Ruben’s story.  Ruben lives in an area called the Altiplano, high up in the Andes mountain range. He and his family grow food to eat, but this is not as easy as it used to be. Unpredictable weather and poor soil has made growing food very difficult.



Through CAFOD’s partner, Ruben’s family were given the tools to build their own greenhouse and they have learnt about good farming practices. His family is now able to grow lots of tasty vegetables to help him grow up big and strong.

As the children know, Pope Francis has reminded us in this Year of Mercy about the corporal works of mercy. These are the things Jesus told us to do show everyone that we love them the way that God loves us – things like helping people who are hungry to have food.

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That’s why the school came together today to Brighten Up and help build a brighter world where we can help more families like Ruben’s grow enough food to eat.

And what great fun it was too today!

Thank you so much to Mrs Morten and all the staff, parents and pupils at St Joseph’s Primary for their fantastic support for CAFOD’s partners throughout the world!

Explore our Harvest Fast Day resources for primary schools.

Find out more about our work in Bolivia and Ruben’s story by watching this short film below.

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