Nigel’s Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

Nigel Myall Santiago de Compostela Sept 2016

Let’s give our full support to Nigel Myall from St Michael and All Angels parish in Leigh Park who is walking 75 miles from Ferrol on the northern Atlantic coast of Spain to arrive at Santiago de Compostela before the 24th September to raise funds for CAFOD’s Refugee Crisis Appeal.

Nigel told us,

“I’ve been deeply affected by news reports of the suffering of refugees escaping war and persecution. I have also been planning a personal pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. So I thought, ‘Well why not combine the two?’

“I am funding the cost of the pilgrimage myself so all your money will go directly to refugee relief efforts organised by CAFOD partners.

“The walk is about 120km (75 miles). Due to the nature of the pilgrimage I will get a certificate from the cathedral in Santiago confirming that I have completed the journey on foot, so no chance of cheating.

“So far I’ve completed a practice walk and I’m sharing this page through local churches.”

O thank you so much for doing this Nigel!

Please support Nigel’s efforts today by sponsoring him via his justgiving page here.  Go Nigel!

Find out more about CAFOD’s Refugee Crisis Appeal.

Send a message of hope to refugees.

Inspired by Nigel’s walk? Download our ‘How to’ guide and lots of fundraising ideas.

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