Isle of Wight BBQ raises over £1,000 for refugees

On  14th August from 12pm – 4pm.  Our brilliant West Wight CAFOD group, held their third summer BBQ for us, and raised over £1,000 for our refugee crisis appeal. Thank you so much.

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Chair of the West Wight CAFOD Committee, Alistair Drain, told us;

“I’d really like to thank all those parishioners, volunteers, supporters and benefactors that made the CAFOD BBQ, such a wonderful success.

“The weather combined within the lovely garden, and everyone who came enabled us to raise over £1,000 to help CAFOD partners support and assist refugees a


CAFOD volunteers celebrate in the sun

cross Europe and Syria.

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“It was truly wonderful to see nearly 100 people in the garden enjoying the occasion and raising awareness and cash, for such a worthwhile cause!”

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“The committee was moved by the plight of these people who have left everything behind to escape war in their country. The courage and bravery families have endured to reach Greece, Italy and other European countries.”

“As CAFOD supporters, we want to help these refugees now and hope that they will eventually fulfill their potential in the future, in a safe and free European country of their choice.This was recently ingrained further into our minds after watching BBC’s Exodus.

“The BBQ is important because it raises awareness and the profile to refugees, they shouldn’t be forgotten, it brings the community together and develop the community spirit for a cause like this, it is really why we do it, that’s why we are Catholic it’s what we believe in. Strong community in West Wight.”

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cafod i o w 14 8 20161g

Montage of Isle of Wight’s Summer CAFOD BBQ 2016


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