Lampedusa Cross at St Amand’s Leavers’ Mass

St Amand's primary Leavers Mass July 2016Thank you to our Education Volunteer, Kath Oldham, for sending us this lovely photo of Fr. Andrew Burnham at St Mary’s church in East Hendred holding a Lampedusa Cross with two of St Amand’s RC primary school leavers after a special Mass earlier this week.

As regular readers of the blog will know, the children from St Amand’s have previously taken their special messages of hope as their offertory gift and spoken about their work around the Lampedusa Cross and their ‘On the Move’ workshops at the Greater Reading Cluster of Catholic Schools Mass earlier in June at Douai Abbey (pictured below).

Their Leavers’ Mass this week was a lovely opportunity for the children to see a Lampedusa Cross which Kath took in to show them and thank them for all their support.

Thank you very much indeed to Father Andrew and everyone at St Amand’s RC primary. We hope you all have a much deserved break now over the summer holidays.

Find out more about the ‘On the Move’ activity, the Refugee Crisis and CAFOD’s Refugee Crisis Appeal.

Explore our special Year of Mercy resources for primary schools.

Send your message of hope to refugees today.

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