Thanks to you!

This is a special message to Noah, Dylan and Poppy today – just to say a HUGE THANK YOU for holding a ‘Loom Band Sale’ at home and raising £10 for CAFOD’s work around the world!  We’ve just received a lovely letter from Noah (aged 7 and one quarter) and it’s really made our day!  Here it is below:

Dear CAFOD….

“Dylan, Poppy and I sent you £10 to help you fix other water pumps that are broken. Dylan and Poppy came over at half 12 to do the ‘Loom Band Sale’.  I made all the loom bands and necklaces. We put a table at the end of my drive and laid the loom bands on the table. We stuck posters on the front of the table so people knew what we were selling and why.

“It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and it was quiet but we still were able to sell a number of loom bands.  We sold wrist bands for 10p and necklaces for 20p or 30p. Mummy made us drink and snacks.  At the end of the day we had made £10 from our sale towards new water pumps.”

Well done Noah, Dylan and Poppy and thank you to everyone who bought a band too!

Feeling inspired by Noah, Dylan and Poppy?   Take a look at our A-Z of fundraising ideas!

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