Year of Mercy Assembly at Corpus Christi Primary

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A special hello to everyone at Corpus Christi RC primary in Portsmouth!  Thank you for inviting our Education Volunteers, Isobel and Patrick, to speak to the children this week during a very special ‘Year of Mercy’ assembly.

They began the morning’s assembly by lighting candles to offer some prayers together to God our Father.

During the assembly, Patrick and Isobel reminded the children that Jesus said we should do everything we can to help people who needed it.  He said this was a very special thing to do and this is what is meant by mercy. It’s a special way of showing how much we care for people. Pope Francis has asked Catholics throughout the world to mark this special Year of Mercy.  As Patrick and Isobel explained that this means, among other things, that he wants us to think about how we show that we care for everyone and help others because of the love God the Father has for us.

The children then thought about the seven things which the church says we all should do to help people in need (sometimes called the Corporal Works of Mercy). These are things like giving food to someone who is hungry, a drink to someone who is thirsty and caring for someone who is sick. CAFOD is doing work all over the world which is part of this.

Patrick and Isobel then gave some examples of this including CAFOD’s work in Nicaragua where our partners are ‘feeding the hungry’ by training communities in bee keeping.

Mayling from Nicaragua

The children learned how Mayling’s grandmother Marta looks after bees. Mayling (pictured above) loves the honey because it’s sweet and tasty, and it also gives her energy to concentrate at school. When there is some honey left over, Mayling and Marta can sell it to buy food. (Watch this work in action in the short film below).

Patrick said,

“Corpus Christi primary is a great supporter of CAFOD and donates regularly to our work so we found that it was easy to relate the efforts of the school to the actions that Pope Francis has asked of us during this Year of Mercy.  The school community has given ‘drink to the thirsty’ and ‘fed the hungry’ in their global and local communities in many ways.  We hope to return to the school at a later date to talk specifically about ‘welcoming the outsider’.

Thank you so much to everyone at Corpus Christi primary for their lovely welcome and for all their fantastic support for CAFOD. A special word of thanks to Mrs Schouller and Mrs Biddlecombe who adjusted the school schedule in order to ensure that the assembly could take place.  Thank you!

Find out more about the Year of Mercy.

Explore our Year of Mercy resources for primary schools.

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