Walk to Church Sunday

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Join the parishioners of St John Bosco Parish in Woodley and walk, cycle, run or take the bus to church on 2 or 3rd July to help reduce your carbon footprint this summer.  

As a livesimply parish, parishioners in Woodley are taking on board the message from the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’ Care for Our Common Home and considering their impact on the environment. The parish has organised this for a few years now and it’s a very simple but effective initiative.

On a particular Sunday of the year (usually in the summer… in the hope of good weather!) everyone’s encouraged to leave their cars at home.

Rita Belletty, our volunteer at St John Bosco told us,

“Although we call this ‘Walk to Church’, what we really want is to encourage one another to find another way of getting to church other than the car if at all possible.  I have cycled and on one occasion, when it was very hot, I took the bus which got me halfway to church, reducing the distance I had to walk considerably.  Of course, not everyone is as lucky to have a variety of options I know.”

Why not join Rita, make a note in your diary and walk to church that weekend too?  Or put a note in your parish newsletter to encourage others to do the same?  Do let us know if you do.

Find out more about becoming a livesimply parish and the livesimply award.


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