CAFOD Cafe will have raised £25,000 this month

Vi with her special thank you certificate in the CAFOD Cafe

Vi with her special thank you certificate in the CAFOD Cafe

While we are sharing the brilliant breadth of our volunteers for National Volunteers’ Week we have to write about Vi Alcock. Our amazing long-service volunteer who runs our only CAFOD cafe.

National Volunteers’ Week is a perfect time to congratulate and thank Vi for all her persistent hard work and determination. Vi has helped CAFOD with our only CAFOD café in the whole of England and Wales for 14 years, which is an amazing achievement.

The café was set up by the late Father Tom of St Matthieu’s Parish, in Jersey, 2002, who’s dream would be to open the cafe for Catholic charity CAFOD.

Vi told me, “I took over from the café in memory of Fr Tom, who was such a brilliant and kind man. He wanted the café to be decorated with memorabilia reminding him of his missionary days helping provide aid to different countries in Africa.

“When we started we made very little, it is completely overwhelming that in less than a month we will have raised £25,000 for CAFOD. I can’t believe it. Fr Tom would be so happy, I wish he could see it.”

It is not just the cafe but Vi also helps raise awareness for our work as much as possible, handing out leaflets  especially for appeals during Lent and Harvest.”

Vi added: “Not only is it important to raise money to help our brothers and sisters in the developing world but it’s also important for our community too. The cafe is a brilliant hub for the whole community.

Vi’s top tip for speaking at mass:

“When I speak at Mass, which I have been doing since starting the café, then I always link the communities I am talking about back to our little island, for example how climate change can affect us as it does them and this helps connect us. Get involved

Visit the CAFOD Café after Mass at St Matthieu’s, Coin Varin, St Peter.

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