Cheering on our Marathon Runners!

Robert Corry running for CAFOD in the London Marathon 2016Many of you already know from our monthly bulletins that Robert Corry from St Margaret Mary in Park Gate and Mugeni Sumba from Sacred Heart & St Peter the Apostle in Waterlooville will be running the London Marathon in two weeks’ time in aid of CAFOD!  This will be Robert’s second London Marathon and third attempt at a marathon!  Many of you have been very generous in supporting Robert and here he shares just some of the reasons why he’s so passionate about supporting CAFOD and why (in his words) he’s ‘mad enough’ to take on another training programme! 

As Robert told us,

“During Lent I talked about how CAFOD helped re-instate a water pump in a village in Uganda.  However there are many places, now forgotten in the news, where CAFOD continues to offer long term support such as Nepal.

“CAFOD’s work is supported by local partners including Caritas who work at local church level.  This means it gets to the people who really need our support, especially in war torn countries like Syria.

“CAFOD also campaigns on issues such as climate change, debt relief, fair trade, and exploitation by multi-national businesses – all very important global issues where improvement can make a long term difference in many parts of the world.

“Marathon training is far from easy; in fact I went through a year of injuries last year and I still have some doubts to-day.  It can be difficult to get out of bed early in the morning to get in the next training run or to complete a long 20 mile training run.


Robert at the finish line at his very first London Marathon

“So what keeps me going?  I think about the people CAFOD supports, how would I cope with my house being destroyed in a war and possibly family members lost in the war; or the daily toil of ‘my children’ fetching water for the very basics of cooking and washing and then missing school because they are too exhausted or late; or having to scavenge on tips just to earn enough to pay for enough food for that day.

“Lent is a great time for training too because it helps to put the efforts of training into the context of the Easter story, it’s a very small commitment in the context of what Jesus did for us and in the context of what many of the above people are going through on a daily basis.

“Thank you again for your generous support so far and please pray for me on the 24th!  I know it won’t be easy this time!”

Don’t forget folks – there’s still time to support both Robert and Mugeni. Good luck to you both!

Has this inspired you?  Find out more about how you could get involved with your own personal challenge for CAFOD.


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