Parish and School Communities Come Together to Make a Splash!

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Throughout Lent, we’ve been following all the special ‘Make a Splash’ activities organised by St Thomas More Catholic primary in Havant in partnership with their local churches of St Michael and All Angels in Leigh Park and St Thomas of Canterbury and St Thomas More in Emsworth.  It’s been absolutely fantastic!

As Patrick and Isobel Flynn (our Education Volunteers) told us,

“The efforts of St Thomas More Catholic primary have embraced the talents of every pupil, together with the commitment of all the teaching and support staff. They have contributed to the mission of the church by bringing their work alive in the parish churches. They’ve also been encouraged and supported by the parents and guardians and have made a lasting impression upon the parishioners of the local pastoral area.

“Bravo, St Thomas More RC School!”

Just before the Easter break, Patrick and Isobel were invited in to the school once more for a special end of term assembly.

Patrick told us,

“It was exceptionally thoughtful, beginning with prayer and reflection on Holy Week, the importance of having Jesus in our daily lives and being proud of our faith. It went on to celebrate the successes of individual pupils, of class-based success, of house achievements and of the whole school over the past term.

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“Throughout the last term, the school has been working hard to raise awareness of the need for all communities to have access to safe, clean water. They’ve undertaken many projects including taking part in a ‘Speak up for CAFOD‘ competition with St Anthony’s primary in Fareham, giving talks at Masses in the parishes and organising “Make a Splash” displays in the school and the two parish churches.

“They also held a ‘Water Challenge‘ after Sunday Mass, created an art exhibition in which all pupils participated and fundraised by ‘giving up’ something for Lent.

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“The proceeds of their efforts were shared between CAFOD and Water Aid and we were presented with a cheque for the fabulous sum of £285. This will, of course, be doubled as all donations made to our Lenten appeal this year will be matched by the UK government.

To raise this money, throughout Lent, some children gave up fizzy drinks and had water instead. Some kept a chart of the numbers of times they used the toilet and donated cash for each time they ‘spent a penny.’

Nia, a pupil at the school said,

“I really enjoyed the water event at St Michael’s and creating some of the art work. It looks beautiful now that it is up in the church with the light shining through it.”

Colin Flanagan, Headteacher, said,

“It has been a real privilege to work with CAFOD to promote the Make a Splash campaign and to see how staff and children can work with our parishes to make our Lenten journey a meaningful one.”

Thank you so much to everyone at St Thomas More primary and at both St Michael’s and All Angels in Leigh Park and St Thomas of Canterbury and St Thomas More in Emsworth for all your fantastic support for our special Lenten appeal.  Thank you for helping our partners ‘turn on the taps’ and help provide clean water to communities in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Mr Jeff Sendall for all the hard work that he has put into organising all these initiatives.  As Patrick said, Mr Sendall has been “extraordinary in his energy, imagination, enthusiasm and commitment to all the efforts in promoting the work of CAFOD.” Thank you so much!

Find out more about our work on water in our primary school resources.

Read more about our special Lenten appeal.  And don’t forget that every pound raised for the Lenten appeal (which continues right up to 9 May!) will be doubled by the UK Government so it will have double the impact!


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