Boscombe Bake Off Raises Hundreds for Lenten Appeal

Corpus Christi Cake Sale 1

Boscombe Bakers amazing cake sale.

The Boscombe Bakers from Corpus Christi have been baking up a storm this Lent! This superb selection of cakes and tasty treats raised a whopping £404 for our Lenten appeal. Many thanks to all those who made cakes for the sale (especially to Annie and Maureen) and to all those who bought and enjoyed all the produce!

Corpus Christi Boscombe Cake Sale2

Corpus Christi Parishioners enjoying cakes with their coffee!

The money raised from Corpus Christi and all our parishes in the Portsmouth diocese in aid of our Lenten appeal will help our partners ‘Turn on the Taps’ across the world by repairing or providing water pumps and training in order to maintain them. It will also help fund hygiene programmes, education in sanitation and the building of latrines.

And what’s even better – all the funds raised will have double the impact this year because we have secured UK Aid Match Funding for our Lenten appeal. This means that the UK government will match pound for pound every donation made to the appeal – up to the value of £3.5M.  Terrific!

Thank you so much everyone at Corpus Christi for helping our partners provide clean water and better sanitation for thousands of people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, and Uganda.

Find out more about CAFOD’s Lent Fast Day appeal.

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