St George College Takes Action!

St George Laudato Si session Lent 2016Pupils at St George Catholic College in Southampton spent a morning with our fab Education Volunteers today looking at the issues raised in Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ and thinking about how we might take action in our own lives.

Our Education Volunteer Team (including students from the University of Southampton’s Catholic Society) started the session with a special quiz on climate change before looking at Pope Francis’ own thoughts on the issue in his recent encyclical Laudato Si’ and watching our short animation (below).

Pupils then spent some time thinking about how they might live more sustainably and made special pledges.

The team then ended the session by looking at how CAFOD works in emergencies by watching our short film (below).

Whilst we can’t say that any one weather event is caused by climate change, we do know that changing temperatures are making natural disasters more frequent and intense. We also know that change is hitting the poorest people the hardest.  44 per cent of the people most vulnerable to climate change are already living on less than 77p a day and 90 per cent of people who die in natural disasters live in the poorest countries.

St George Laudato Si session Lent 2016aThank you so much to Mrs Lee-Cann for inviting us in – such a lovely school!  And our special thanks go to our great Education Volunteers including Roger, Steve, Karen, Nick, Eugene and Estelle for planning and delivering a great session!

Find out more about CAFOD’s One Climate, One World campaign.

Explore CAFOD’s resources on climate change for young people.


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