Laudato Si’ Pledge Challenge

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Parishioners at Sacred Heart & St Peter the Apostle in Waterlooville have undertaken special Laudato Si’ pledges this Lent. The parish’s Laudato Si’ and Justice and Peace Groups have invited everyone to make at least one pledge and place it on the display board in the Narthex.

CAFOD volunteers, Patrick and Isobel Flynn said:

“We believe we can begin our journey by taking small actions, individually and as a community, that will add up to significant results in our effort to protect the environment.

“We can then progress together to take larger actions that we can share with the wider community with an even greater impact.

Parishioners made a mixture of practical, prayerful and ethical pledges which ranged from switching off lights when they are not required, trying to make more use of public transport where possible as well as donating and buying from charity shops.

Similarly, people considered trying to buy more Fairtrade produce or to have one or even two meat-free days a week, remembering to say Grace before and after every meal. Others thought about creating a bird and bee friendly garden-either their own or possibly helping someone else with theirs or perhaps giving more of their time to help out in the parish.

During Lent, the parish will be invited to pray, fast and give alms.  As Patrick and Isobel told us,

“We can pray for the success of Laudato Si’ in caring for God’s Creation and we can attend the Lent Talks on the Saints given by Fr. Kevin.

“In fasting, we can remember our wider family worldwide who do not have enough food or safe water. The savings that we make can be donated to CAFOD as our Lenten alms.

“All donations made to CAFOD’s Lenten appeal will be matched by the UK Government up to £3.5m. It is extraordinary that CAFOD has been awarded this for a third time and is testament to the generosity of the Catholic Community and the quality of the work carried out by CAFOD’s partners throughout the world.

“Later in Lent, we will have Fairtrade Fortnight which gives us another opportunity to put our pledges into action.”

The display board will remain in the Narthex and it’s hoped that all groups in the parish will be involved. After Lent, the parish intends to have an Open Parish Meeting to review the pledges that have become permanent actions and make further pledges that will enrich its Year of Mercy activities. A further review is planned for early July.

Wow!  Fantastic!

L Si At Waterlooville 2

As the Laudato Si & Justice and Peace Groups said, “Let us, now, heed Pope Francis’ “Call for Action” as we all make our pledges that will show we “Care for our Common Home.”

Thank you so much everyone at Sacred Heart & St Peter the Apostle in Waterlooville for sharing this with us.  It’s a great idea!

Read more about Laudato Si’ and watch the message below from Pope Francis whose prayer intention for February is that we may take good care of creation – a gift freely given – cultivating and protecting it for future generations.



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