St Bede’s Reporting!

Make a Splash 2016

The pupils of St Bede’s primary in Basingstoke, wrote a great article in their school paper recently about their special ‘Make a Splash’ assembly!

Here’s what they had to say about it!

“Roger, our favourite Catholic Agency For Overseas Development representative, came to our beloved school to introduce us to their Lenten appeal: Make a Splash!

“He started the assembly by posing the question: what does CAFOD stand for? Luckily we got the answer to that question straight away!”

Roger then introduced pupils to some children around the world who didn’t used to have access to clean water, but whose lives have been transformed.  CAFOD partners had helped communities repair boreholes, install filters and dig wells.

(Watch our fab film of our work in Uganda below.)

As the school journalists said;

“Then came the statistics!  Did you know that CAFOD have helped more than 300,000 people gain access to clean water since 2012? That’s certainly a lot of people, isn’t it? Also did you know that for EVERY £1 you donate to CAFOD’s Lenten appeal will be matched by the UK government – so the value of £1 is actually £2!

“This exciting information definitely helped to get us excited about donating and fundraising!

Make a Splash Lent 2016“Afterwards there was excitement in the air about the opportunity for a fundraising opportunity to help others around the world. Everyone at St Bede’s said they were  very proud of the work CAFOD is doing. We’re sure that everyone from the school thoroughly enjoyed that assembly!”

O thank you everyone at St Bede’s primary for sharing your article with us and for all your enthusiasm, prayers and support for our work.  Thank you too to our volunteer, Roger, for all his hard work too in preparing and giving such a great assembly!

Find out more about our work on water in our primary school resources.

Read more about our special Lenten appeal.

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