St Colman’s Parish Youth Group Car Washing Extravaganza

Carwash St' Colmans jan 2016 23At the end of November, Maureen our Parish Youth Volunteer was invited along to St Colman’s and St Paul’s youth group in Cosham to encourage young people to put their talents into action and fundraise for the youth group itself and CAFOD.  Maureen gave us this report:

“Together we began by reflecting on the Parable of the Talents and thinking about using and multiplying our God given talents.

“To help understand what a tremendous boost their fund raising might be we watched Adrian Childs World Gifts Video on chicken farming in El Salvador (click below) where a small investment helped a family use their talents too and start their own chicken farm.

“CAFOD invested £20 in the young people in the group and left to see what they would do.”

On Sunday Maureen was invited back to support the young people in action and it was fabulous.

She said:

“Despite it being 9am Sunday morning a good number of teenagers had manged to get themselves out of bed and were ready to greet people as they arrived for Mass. They offered to wash cars while everyone was in Mass for £5 each.

“It was raining, but everyone was in good spirits and worked really hard, carrying water up and down stairs sponging cars and loads of water to rinse them – some were very dirty!!  About 30 cars were washed before then end of Mass.

“But this was not all.   After thanking all the parishioners for their support outside Mass, Dom Deboo, the youth leader, Maureen and 3 of the young people rushed along to Mass at St Paul’s where another team of young people and were ready to wash another 30 cars during another Mass!

“With so much help here we finished in time to pop round and give Father Joe’s car a wash!  We  hope that was a good surprise for him.

“They raised over £300 so will be able to repay CAFOD’s investment of £20 plus another £150 which CAFOD could use to provide two families with a chicken coop and chickens, along with training and equipment to help look after them, so families can produce eggs to eat or sell, or raise more chickens!

The St Colman’s Youth Leader, Dom told us:

“It was a great result for families in developing countries who could benefit from our efforts today and a great result for the youth group.

“It was a long and wet morning but I thought it went brilliantly for many reasons, my highlight being the number of parents and young people we had involved. I counted 24 young people and 10 adults in total between the two masses which is a pretty decent effort!

“I was delighted with the response and it has done a lot of good for the whole community. There was a real goodwill factor and it sets us up very nicely to be involved even more in the communities up there.”

Thank you so much to Dom and all the young people and their families for putting their talents to great use and organising such a successful car wash for the youth group’s funds and for our partners work throughout the world.  That’s brilliant!  Maureen’s looking forward to coming along to your youth Mass on 28 February to celebrate!

Find out more about CAFOD’s World Gifts.

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