A new beginning?

CAFOD in Paris 2015Bill’s now back in England after the historic talks in Paris. Here’s his thoughts on the conference last Friday….


“It’s been a day full of rumours, predictions and revised predictions from the conference as the French presidency has pushed on doggedly to try and secure a meaningful agreement that can be signed up to by all of the participating countries.

“It begins to look as if they just might achieve it tomorrow (Saturday). Sadly, a lot of watering down has taken place but there is now the opportunity for us all to make as big an impact as we can on the nationally determined targets and it seems that the review process to be built in to the agreement could have some teeth after all.

“The “Ecology and Spirituality” session I attended this afternoon was extremely thought provoking, including as it did contributions explaining the perspectives of Buddhist, Maori, indigenous Brazilian and traditional Congo basin spiritualities and their relationships with creation.

“This was followed by a walking tour of small scale social, cultural and artistic initiatives in the 19th arrondissement of Paris which demonstrated clearly some of the positive steps that can be taken by individuals, community groups and municipalities to combat climate change and poverty.

“This evening we attended a large gathering hosted by CCFD (CAFOD’s catholic partner agency in France) for all of the groups who have participated in the evens this week.

“Following this there was much discussion as we returned to base to discuss, over a drink, how the onus is now shifting to civil society to pick up the fight to ensure that Paris 2015 is truly a beginning and not the end of our campaign.”

Read CAFOD’s response to the Paris agreement.

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