From Portsmouth to Paris

Pam's bannerTwo of our fab supporters from here in the Portsmouth diocese are now in Paris with CAFOD! How exciting!

Sadly, Pam Flavell from Boscombe who many of you know, had to pull out – which is such a shame. Pam had made this absolutely knock out banner to take with her too!

The two travellers there now are Bill Ronan from Eastleigh and Kate Eastmond who is currently a student at Portsmouth University.  Bill is going to try and give us an update on how things are going every day – so I’ll be looking out for those and posting them asap.

Kate Eastmond saw the impacts of climate change in Nicaragua this year (1280x853)Kate (pictured above) has already appeared this week in the Portsmouth News!  She was formerly on our Step into the Gap programme and has travelled to Nicaragua with CAFOD.

Kate told the Portsmouth News that she was inspired by the Pope’s recent encyclical and couldn’t wait to go to Paris to share the experiences and stories of the people she was lucky enough to meet in Nicaragua. Go Kate!

Catch up with our supporters in Paris and hear the latest news!


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