Young Leaders Mark World AIDS Day

Oaklands Catholic School World AIDS Day 2015Young leaders in both St Joseph’s College in Reading and Oaklands Catholic School in Waterlooville held special events to mark World AIDS Day on 1st December.  Thank you everyone!

St Joseph's College Reading World AIDS Day

Sixth formers from Oaklands wore red to raise awareness of World AIDS Day and fundraise for CAFOD’s work whilst Year 12 students at St Joseph’s College asked all pupils to substitute one item of their uniform for something red or a red accessory to do the very same! Fantastic ideas!

Every form group at St Joseph’s College had a special morning reflection and special prayers were said at Mass. Furthermore each subject area delivered something related to the issue on that day.

The students helped to highlight the fact that CAFOD works year-round with our partners to support those living with HIV and AIDS by providing information and education, ensuring people know what support they are entitled to, supporting people to adhere to their medication and providing counselling and spiritual support.

Thank you all for wearing a red ribbon or piece of red clothing in solidarity and by praying for those who are still unable to get the support they need.

Read more about CAFOD’s work on HIV and AIDS.

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