‘On the Move’ with Oaklands Catholic School

P1040018 (2)

Earlier in the month, Education Volunteer Alison Humphreys ran a special workshop at Oaklands Catholic School in Waterlooville entitled ‘On the Move’, which invites young people to follow a refugee family on their journey to safety.

Each group of Year 7 students gathered together to simulate the journey of a family escaping from dangers of war. A picture map was used to chart the progress of the hazardous journey and students were asked to choose what they would take with them from a list of belongings.

During the session, Alison led the children through nine stages of the story. At each stage the students had to make choices between what to leave behind and what to keep with them. These choices represented some of the real-life dilemmas which many refugees face.


After the activity, the students reflected on the decisions they had made during their journey and how they felt.

Alison told us, “The Oaklands students were so engaged and enthusiastic! The workshop encouraged them to co-operate, negotiate and share as well as understand the complex issues involved.”

Alison also praised the students’ understanding and their ability to recognise that the essentials of life were things “we tend to take for granted.”

Each group was also shown Samira’s story, a Syrian girl that now lives in a Lebanon refugee camp (click film below).


Thank you to all the students and teachers at Oakland Catholic School for all your support and thank you too to Alison for facilitating such an important workshop!

Find out more about the ‘On the Move’ activity, the Refugee Crisis and CAFOD’s Refugee Crisis Appeal.


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