Brightening Up at St Peter’s

St Peter's primary school HFD 2015c (1280x702) (1)Our thanks to everyone at St Peter’s Catholic primary in Waterlooville for inviting our fab Education Volunteer, Maureen Thompson in for a special Harvest assembly. Maureen went along to encourage the children to ‘brighten up’ for CAFOD only to find the children already all dressed in wonderful bright colours!  It definitely made for a cheerful start to her day!

As Maureen told us,

“Everyone was very responsive to describing feelings about peace and conflict with all sorts of wonderful adjectives and colours. Two year 6 students helped out by Francesca and Benedict donned their chef’s hats to make our “conflict pie” and “peace cake”.

“Many of the children joined in when they talked about Luke and his friend falling out and reconciling, with a hand shake and a “man’s hug” all round. At a deeper level the children were able to think about how it might feel to live in conflict, e.g. in a place where you do not feel safe. They thought about how important it is to have places to go where we are safe, like a drum club at a school in El Salvador provided by one of CAFOD’s partners where Diego enjoys playing in a peace band.

“We ended the assembly by praying together that the Lord might help us all to be peacemakers!”

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Thank you to Maureen for her visit and to all the teachers, pupils and parents for their wonderful support this Harvest.

Find out more about our ‘Brighten Up’ for Harvest appeal.

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