Youth Leadership Programme Starts!

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I’m so pleased to announce that the second CAFOD Youth Leadership Programme has just started this month with 70 students from 6 Sixth Forms across our diocese!  

The very first training session, run by our Youth Team Leader Sarah Barber, took place earlier in the week and it was great to see so many people there from Salesians College in Farnborough, Farnborough Hill, St Anne’s in Southampton, Oaklands in Waterlooville, St Joseph’s College in Reading and Christ the King College in the Isle of Wight!

The programme consists of 5 training days throughout the year for Year 12 students and will focus on gaining transferable leadership skills whilst learning about, and being inspired by, CAFOD.  These skills will include communication, problem solving, team working, creativity, critical thinking, presenting, planning, decision making and inspiring others.

During the first training session, which was held at Oaklands Catholic school, the students looked at CAFOD’s values and carried out a self assessment to determine their own leadership style.

This session will now be followed up by a local visit to each individual school by Sarah in December.

During the year, participants will be asked to complete 2 actions on behalf of CAFOD during their time on the programme and one action on behalf of their local community. This could be anything from speaking at Mass or leading a campaign action card signing for CAFOD or gathering food for a local food bank.

The programme will be invaluable to students preparing for work or further education and CAFOD will award a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the course.

For more information, please contact us here in the office on 01252 329385 or

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