Special Workshop at Blanchelande College

Blanchelande College HFD 2015Earlier in the month our Education Volunteer, Lucy Despres, made a special visit to Blanchelande College in Guernsey to talk about Children’s Rights. 

Firstly, Lucy introduced the word ‘Rights’ and explained that these were things that every child should be able to have or to do in order to reach their full potential.  The class then thought about their rights and tried to come up with as many as possible.

SchoolPupils were then given a set of five children’s stories from around the world and five statements on the rights of a child. They were asked to read the stories and match them to the statements.

Lucy showed the class some posters which corresponded to the stories and pictures while the children were presenting their findings in class. They also learned a little more about each story and how CAFOD is working with each community.

At the end of the session, the children designed a poster around one right they had selected. The poster was intended to tell other children and their families and communities that they are entitled to this right.

Thank you to Lucy for carrying out this visit and thank you to everyone at Blanchelande College for all your enthusiasm and support for CAFOD.

Find out more about CAFOD’s resources for primary schools.

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