Making Peace at St Jude’s Primary

St Jude's HFD 2015Hello to everyone at St Jude’s RC Primary school in Fareham who gathered together last week for their special CAFOD Harvest Day assembly.  Petra Wagenblast, our Education Volunteer, asked everyone to ‘Brighten Up’ to help CAFOD partners build a brighter world for children in other countries.

Petra started the assembly by showing the children, a photo of two Syrian girls that had safely arrived in a Turkish refugee camp after escaping from their war-torn home country (see below). She also talked about Diego, a boy who lives in a part of in El Salvador where it is not safe to go out on the streets and play. This Harvest CAFOD is encouraging children and young people to re-imagine our world where there is peace for all, inspired by the Gospel. Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you” (John 14:27).


The children and Petra then explored what peace actually meant to them and their lives in their families, at school and in their church community.

Some children related peace to silence and a quiet atmosphere whereas others came up with ‘’sharing’’, ‘’being friendly’’ and ‘’being helpful’’.  These ideas were put into the children’s ‘Peace Pie’ made during a special role play by two volunteer ‘bakers’.   Other ‘ingredients’  like ‘’fighting’’, ‘’arguing’’ and ‘’bullying someone’’ were immediately put into the ‘Conflict Cake’ which ended up being more of a messy crumble than looking like a proper cake!

The colourful icing on top of the ‘Peace Pie’ symbolized ‘’being happy and feeling light and bright when we are at peace with each other and with ourselves’’. Falling out with one another makes us feel sad and upsets us.

Referring to Jesus, the children were reminded that it was important to make up for arguments, forgive each other and make peace again: ‘’Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God’’[Matthew 5:6]. Many of them were reminded how good it felt when we admitted to have done something wrong and to be forgiven by God.


‘’Being peacemakers means to act, to go out and about, to speak up and out, to do something to make peace for children in other countries and brighten up their lives’’, the children were told.

At once, they came up with wonderful ideas to ‘brighten up’ this Harvest at St Jude’s! To start they then all shook each other’s hands and said ‘’Peace be with you’’ and prayed for peace throughout the world.

Thank you so much to all the community of St Jude’s primary for all your support and to Petra for carrying out this lovely assembly.

Find out more about CAFOD’s Brighten Up initiative for Harvest Fast Day.

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