Creation Mass at St John Bosco

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Earlier this month, St John Bosco in Woodley celebrated its seventh annual Creation Mass and Harvest Offering – made all the more special because all of the food and flowers that were donated were grown in parishioners’ gardens, allotments and even window boxes!  

Rita Belletty, our parish volunteer there told us,

“Our produce is a token offering in thanksgiving for God’s bounty.  This Mass is the principal act of worship included in the parish’s attempt to Live Simply, for which it was recognised with an Award from CAFOD in September 2012.

“To achieve the Award, a parish has to show that it is taking action to Live Simply, Live Sustainably with the Environment and Live in Solidarity with the poor.   Only 3 parishes in the diocese have achieved the Award, for which each has received a wooden plaque announcing the achievement.  However, the Award is not an end in itself; rather it is encouragement to keep trying to change from consumption to better stewardship of creation.

“Actions can be as simple as Walk to Church Sunday, individual pledges to turn down the heating, refrain from meat on an extra day each week/month, or quite grand as installing solar panels or creating a parish garden/allotment.  The principle that St John Bosco adheres to is that of lots of little actions taken by many people has a significant impact.”

Thank you so much Rita and for such wonderful photos!

Find out more about the Live Simply Award.

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