Young Leaders Celebrate their Success!

Portsmouth Young Leaders July 2015aCongratulations to all our young leaders who have now completed the CAFOD Youth Leadership Programme!  Hooray!

Dozens of young volunteers from dioceses across the country gathered at Romero House to share stories about fundraising for Fast Day appeals, campaigning for action on climate change, and praying for CAFOD’s work and the communities we work with.

CAFOD Director Chris Bain thanked the young leaders for their work and presented the volunteers with certificates to recognise their contribution over the course of the year.

The young leaders also heard from CAFOD partner and award-winning environmental activist Fr Edwin Gariguez, visited the Romero Cross in St. George’s Cathedral, and learnt about the Pope’s new Encyclical,  Laudato Si’ – On the Care of our Common Home.

Fabulous young leaders July 2015!Everyone also heard about our new ‘Brighten up’ theme for Harvest Fast day in schools and threw themselves into it as you can see! Trying on all sorts of fab wigs and bits and pieces!  Any excuse to dress up!

Young Leaders from St Anne'sDuring the day, the students had to estimate how many people they’d reached through all presentations, talks, fundraising events and campaigning actions this year. Each of these icons (that they’re holding here) represent 100 people.  The entire group (incorporating other dioceses from across England) had reached tens of thousands of people throughout the year.

It’s always amazing to catch up with everyone to find out what’s going on.  Farnborough Hill had organised a sleep over just before Easter which was great!  St Anne’s had helped organise 44 different activities at Lent which involved every single tutor group in the school.  These ranged from making a special CAFOD board game to finding out more about CAFOD and making a special prayer wall as well as organising a treasure hunt and all sorts of sponsored activities – all of which were featured on this special display below:

St Anne's work 2015

As Sarah Barber said, we’re truly blessed to have this group of young people who want to change the world. They are an inspiration to us all and I hope they continue to volunteer with us too here in the Portsmouth diocese!

Well done everyone!

For more information about our CAFOD Leaders click here.

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