Called to be saints

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Well done to everyone at St Jude’s primary in Fareham who created these wonderful Romero crosses earlier in the month to mark Blessed Oscar Romero’s beatification.

Petra Wagenblast, their Education Volunteer, held a special assembly which looked at Romero’s life.  The children discussed the fact that, when Romero was killed, many people called him a saint or a martyr and they thought carefully about the meanings of both terms.  Petra then explained that we are all called to be saints and examples of God’s love in this world, reminding them that Pope Benedict told all children “I invite you to become saints” when he last visited Britain.

Inspired by the assembly, two classes then looked at the design of the Romero Cross and its interpretation.  The children then designed their own crosses (using these templates) and presented these to the rest of the class. Fantastic!

Thank you so much to all the teachers and pupils at St Jude’s – and to Petra of course – for all their hard work and enthusiasm!

For more resources exploring the life and legacy of Blessed Oscar Romero, please go to

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