Special Lenten Promises at St Peter’s primary

Pupils at St Peter’s primary in Waterlooville made some very special Lenten promises after learning about CAFOD’s work in Myanmar.

The children learned about 8 year old Zin Thu Thu and her family who live in Myanmar. Storms regularly hit the country and when Zin Thu Thu was only two years old, a very powerful storm (Cyclone Nargis) ripped through her village.

Even though the cyclone took place 6 years ago, people are still being affected by it. For example trees were knocked down so there wasn’t any natural shade from the heat. This made it more difficult for people to work and affected the crops they grew and their animals. CAFOD is still working with the community to plant trees and repair roads that were destroyed.  In school Zin Thu Thu is now learning what to do when there is a storm. Amongst other things the children learn what different disasters there are and how to pack an emergency bag.  The more frequent cyclones and floods are thought to have been caused by the climate changing.

After hearing Zin Thu Thu’s story, the children thought about what they could do to stop the climate changing so rapidly and help prevent disasters such as these happening. Ideas included cutting out trips in the car and riding a bike instead or walking, cutting out fizzy drinks and drinking tap water or even cutting out using so much electricity and switching off TVs or computers on standby, or playing games instead of video games. Their ideas helped form their Lenten promises.

The pupils also held a special pancake-making session after learning about the tradition of making pancakes. They then enjoyed a pancake feast!

Thank you so much to all the pupils, staff and parents at St Peter’s for all your support and enthusiasm for our work. Thank you too to Sarah Luter for sending us these lovely photos.  Thank you all!

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