St Anne’s Support for One Climate, One World

St Anne's One Climate One World Dec 2014Thank you so much to the Sixth Formers at St Anne’s Catholic School in Southampton for all their hard work this term in promoting One Climate, One World within their school community.  You are stars!

The four students (shown in the photo above) have worked tirelessly as part of the CAFOD Youth Leadership Programme this term.  They decided to make a presentation to 200 pupils in Year Nine and met for an hour and a half each week after school to discuss plans to engage their audience and spread CAFOD’s message.

They told us,

‘On the day, we started off with some questions that were relevant to climate change such as, ‘Who leaves their phone charging all night?’   People had to move to one side of the room if they agreed or disagreed.  We also showed everyone videos on climate change which led to a discussion about how this might affect people like themselves.’

‘We then showed them the ‘One Climate, One World’ video and distributed the ‘For the Love of’ sheets to everyone so they had an opportunity to think about how this will affect everything they truly love.’

‘At the end of the session, we finished by linking back to the questions we asked them at the beginning of the session, on what they could do to contribute to the issue.’

‘We hope that this will lead to more students taking action in their own lives as well as supporting future campaigns.’

Sounds fantastic!

The young leaders have also made this huge One Climate, One World poster, which they are using as part of a big CAFOD display throughout the year.  They’ve also organised a Christmas jumper day to raise money for CAFOD, and said they’d like to give a number of school assemblies in March to raise more awareness about the campaign.  Furthermore, they’ve been discussing inviting local MPs in to the school to talk to them just before the General Election!

Way to go!  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

For more information on our One Climate, One World campaign please click here.

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