St Swithun’s Big Silly Share

This Harvest Fast Day we’re sharing some of the silly facts about our global food system with young people and getting very serious about doing something about it.  Here’s Maureen Thompson’s account of her fab assembly at super St Swithun’s Catholic Primary in Portsmouth who invited her in to explain more….

‘As well as laughing about some of the silly facts we found out about the food system, the children listened really carefully and thought hard about what I’d come to talk about; namely how we can make a difference and share what we have with families across the world.

I’d particularly like to thank the three boys who helped Benedict (my puppet) illustrate my assembly.

St Swithun's Primary Portsmouth

Here (see photo above) the boys were acting out the role of a small scale farmer to illustrate the fact that half the people who go hungry in our world are actually farmers. This is because farmers often grow the food to sell and send to other countries and then don’t have enough to eat for themselves and their families.

St Swithun's Primary Portsmouth

Then here you’ll see the boys showing everyone some apples that had been recently harvested. Did you know that every day good food is thrown away because it isn’t the right shape or size or colour?

St Swithun's Primary Portsmouth

You’ll now see the boys holding up some pictures of some odd shaped vegetables!  These are very unlikely to make it to the shops! We then thought about how much food is wasted.  The amount that’s binned each year weighs more than two hundred thousand double decker buses!

St Swithun's Primary Portsmouth

We then thought about the people CAFOD work in partnership with around the world and how everyone has a right to food. God has provided enough for everyone and it is up to us to make sure all his gifts are shared.

St Swithun's Primary Portsmouth

And that’s why CAFOD is asking all schools to take part in the Big Silly Share this Harvest. We’re asking our school communities to hold a silly event to raise awareness of this serious issue and raise much needed funds to help change lives.

At the end of our assembly, we finished with a reading from Deuteronomy about sharing the harvest and some responsorial prayers:

God our provider,

Thank you for all the delicious foods you provide for our harvest. Help us to see there is enough food in the world for all your people to share. May we think about sharing

Lord, help us to think and take action

Sometimes we are greedy: help us to think before we eat too much May we think about what is enough

Lord, help us to think and take action

Sometimes we take food and then waste it by throwing it away. May we think about not being wasteful.

Lord, help us to think and take action

We pray now for our sisters and brothers all over the world that they too will receive a share of your Harvest. May we think about others as well as ourselves

Lord help us to think and take action.

Thank you Maureen and thank you to everyone at St Swithun’s for all your enthusiasm and support for our work this Harvest Fast Day!

For more information on Harvest Fast Day please click here. More school resources on the topic of food can be downloaded from here.

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