World Cup Fever at St Paul’s!

Many of our Education Volunteers are visiting in schools and using our fabulous World Cup resources at the moment.  Maureen Thompson relates her visit to St Paul’s primary in Paulsgrove here:

“Many of the children at the school were really excited about the World Cup and knew lots about the Brazillian national team.

“We started off by exploring some of the skills you gain from playing football such as tactical skills, perseverance and team work to improve your chance of success.

“We also discussed how much the World Cup is costing Brazil (£8.8 billion) and that there are many problems with housing there.  The cost of the World Cup would pay for more than two million new homes.  We know that everyone wants the World Cup in Brazil to be a huge success but this shouldn’t mean that people do not have their basic needs met.

Picture1“11 year old Mateus from Brazil (above), loves football and his favourite team is Corinthians.  CAFOD supports families in Brazil to learn about their rights and get better housing as well as other basic needs such as electricity and water.

“Mateus told CAFOD he recently attended a meeting about housing.  He said, ‘It’s important to take part in these events. It’s not right for people to live in bad housing and that’s why it’s important to fight for justice.’

The children then reflected on the Gospel of St John where Jesus tells us ‘I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.’ (10:10)  At the World Cup, the players will try to be the best players they can be and score goals for their country.  Mateus too is trying to be the best person he can be and is working for justice in his community. We then ended by thinking about ways we could all make it our goal to build a just and fair world where more people have a chance to be the best they can be.


“After Assembly, I then met with Year 6 and looked at the football poem “Children on the spree.” We used this to explore some of thoughts on football and fair play as a metaphor for life and then, in groups, the children performed the poem.

“I hope to see all these young people again “living life to the full”, doing their best and standing up for what is just.”

Thank you everyone at St Paul’s and thank you too to Maureen for all her hard work.

For more information on our World Cup resources for primary schools, please click here.

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