CAFOD Campaigners Meet Alan Whitehead MP

Alan Whitehead MP and Mike Willcox

Alan Whitehead MP and Mike Willcox

Earlier this month, CAFOD Supporters Mike Willcox and Regina Marszal from St Boniface parish in Southampton met with Alan Whitehead MP to ask him to write to David Cameron, urging him to attend a crucial climate change summit this September.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited Heads of State and Government to an unprecedented summit on climate change in New York in the autumn.

The summit’s aim is to engage world leaders and build political will and ambition ahead of tense negotiations around the cost of helping communities cope with the impacts of climate change, or shifting to low-carbon economies.

Climate change is the single biggest threat to poverty reduction, hitting the poorest hardest and increasing inequality. How to address climate change whilst eradicating poverty is one of the major development challenges we face. If we are on the side of poor people, we have to tackle climate change.

For the summit to work, world leaders need to attend. The UK has played a constructive role in climate change negotiations, with ambitious targets anchored in the UK Climate Change Act (the first of its kind anywhere in the world).

Issues around tackling climate change are complex and contentious, touching a wide range of policy areas from science and industrial policy to technology, trade, transport, energy and economics.

At the moment, David Cameron has not yet said whether he will attend – which is why so many of our MP Correspondents are now asking their MPs to ask him to:

1. Publicly Accept Ban-Ki Moon’s invitation to attend
2. Remember that, despite political difficulties, climate change affects us, but above all hits the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people – who did the least to cause it – first and hardest. In that spirit, be prepared to put the UK in a leadership position.

Mike Willcox said:

“The meeting with our MP went well.  He was delighted to be asked to write to David Cameron on this matter.  We also discussed matters pertaining to renewable energy in the recent Queens Speech as well as recent encouraging news on climate change  from China and the USA.”

Thank you Mike!

For more information on becoming an MP Correspondent for CAFOD – please click here.


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