Rita’s Visit to Downing Street!

Ooo I’m so pleased that Rita Belletty from St John Bosco parish in Woodley was able to go to the Hungry for Change hand in yesterday at Number 10 Downing Street!  It’s so exciting to represent the thousands of us who have supported the campaign right across England and Wales!  Go Rita!!!

Rita joined other CAFOD campaigners to mark the end of the campaign by hand-delivering more than 60,000 demands for more targeted aid for small-scale farmers and greater checks on the power and activities of global food companies.

Rita said:

“We distributed the Hungry for Change cards after Masses one weekend back in June last year and gave a talk about the problem of global hunger. I invited parishioners to sign a card and take the other home to give to a friend. I also spoke at my club in July.

“I campaign with CAFOD because I know that every action counts and because we need to learn that the resources of the earth are given for all to share fairly.

“I was delighted to be invited to take part in the ‘hand-in’ for the campaign and was so pleased to meet the other volunteers who were all young people; I could have been their grandmother!  On the day of the hand-in the weather wasn’t wonderful but could have been worse. We were a happy bunch!

“I know there’s still more to do in tackling hunger, but seeing the changes we’ve helped bring about so far is truly inspiring.”

“To keep the Hungry for Change message alive, I will make a point of choosing fairly traded products; try to minimise wastage; recognise the difference between needs and wants and keep praying for the determination to be consistent.

The Hungry for Change campaign helped lead to reforms of European law, requiring large companies across Europe – including major global food giants – to publish information on the impact their activities are having on the environment and on the rights of local people in the poor countries where they operate.

CAFOD’s Head of Campaigns, Sophie Dodgeon, said:

“Our Hungry for change campaign has drawn to a close, but this is not the end of our work to try and end world hunger. The important progress made to tackle the food crisis is being threatened by the impacts of climate change.

“We hope that as many people as possible will unite with us again as we launch our new campaign to call for decisive action on climate change. The vulnerable people we work with around the world tell us that unless we tackle climate change, its impacts have the potential to undo all the other great work that has been done to tackle poverty and alleviate hunger. We simply cannot take on this challenge without our supporters’ help.”

For more information on the success of the Hungry for Change campaign click here.  Laura and I would like to thank you all very much indeed for supporting the campaign in this diocese. We really appreciate the time taken by all of you who distributed cards and explained the action to others and we look forward to our new campaign on climate change this autumn!

One thought on “Rita’s Visit to Downing Street!

  1. Goooo Rita!! Fantastic! we are so proud of you! thanks for representing us and all our CAFOD Portsmouth volunteers!

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